Tips On How To Have A Successful Fundraiser in Miami

miami florida fundraiser

If you’re thinking about having a fundraiser to help support a particular cancer patient, or simply to raise awareness about a particular type of cancer, then be sure to continue reading. There are many things you can do to have a successful fundraising event, but there are a few issues that can occur. So, we will now look at our top tips to ensure you have a flawless fundraiser.

If you’re doing a fundraiser for a particular cancer patient, you absolutely need to get their permission to do so. Once the cancer patient agrees to the fundraiser, you need to ensure that the bulk of the work and actual fundraising activity does not fall on him or her. Their job is solely to get better, and you should make sure they don’t have to do much, if anything at all.

Next, you need to organize a team since the more people that are involved, the more work you can get done. You should ask the person’s family and friends since they are more likely to want to help and be involved in the fundraiser. It’s also a great idea to get the kids involved since it will teach them how to be of service and how to become more charitable. There are many groups in Miami that will assist in raising money and contacting companies in the area willing to support a local cause. We are long time creators of fundraisers for those in need, but we could never do it without our sponsors. Getting in touch with local businesses may end in ways you would never think. There are many generous people in our community with thriving businesses willing to participate in a fundraiser and even sponsor the event.

You should also think creatively in order to have a successful fundraiser. You don’t need to do the typical fundraiser ideas such as a BBQ or bake sale. If you’re a talented singer or know talented singers, you can host a concert and then charge admission. You can also organize a dance, a kids event, a sports day and much more. Your imagination is your only limitation and you should try to come up with ideas that people in the community would enjoy. A great idea for a Miami fundraiser would be a day at the beach with sports, games, food and activities for families to enjoy. The last fundraiser we were at was hosted by Podiatrist Miami, FL and was a huge success. This was on the beach during the time of the South Beach Food & Wine festival so participants were already enjoying their day on the beach and could easily stumble upon the fundraiser and participate.

During the actual fundraiser, you should keep track of the cash and always make sure it is properly secured. You will never know exactly how much you can earn in a fundraiser. So, be sure that there are at least two or three people in charge of accounting and securing the money.

In closing, we have just looked at a couple of tips and guidelines that will help you to have a successful fundraiser in Miami for cancer. Once you keep the above tips in mind, I am certain that you’ll achieve your goal. Fundraisers can be for any worthy cause and you will be surprised how much your community is willing to participate. Starting a fundraiser could be the turning point in your area for more charity work to transpire. It could even turn into an annual fundraiser where you can make an impact every year!

Thank you for reading this article and please reach out if you have any questions, comments or concerns. We love hearing from those in our community wanting to contribute in an impactful way.

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